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This includes various types of services like closed captioning, adding subtitles, design of subtitles, and many others related to the final product delivered to your clients. In case your media content needs some Visual effects added or sounds replaced to improve the final result or make it complete, our team of professionals will do it for you. Those services include promotional content, dubbing, or any other kind of marketing materials or promotional videos needed for your production. You can reach out to us for more information at any time.

Post-production services are complementary services to Screen translation and they have their own place in our portfolio for media translation services for Asian languages. In reality, it is the glue between the different layers of the previous services in order to achieve the final product reaching your target audience.

It may include many different processes and steps that need to be coordinated. We work closely with you to ensure that your ideas are incorporated in every aspect of the project, including the subtitle design, location, and/or special accents. We want to make sure that we present your project back to you as you intended for it to look, directly reflecting your vision and clearly transmitting your message.

Our list of services in post-production is short but we’ve adopted the strategy to deliver only services where we are 100% comfortable with the final product. Our engineers can work closely with you with the help of our dedicated account managers, so the achieved outcome is exactly what you desired.

We want you to not only be happy with our service but to be satisfied enough to want to do business with us again, which is why we always aim to exceed your expectations.
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