Malay Language
Malay (Bahasa Melayu) is the language of the Malays of the Malay Peninsula. It is used as an official language in Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, and Singapore. Malaysian and Indonesian consider their language to be different from each other, as they regard themselves as separate ethnic groups. However, other countries often consider them as the same language, calling it 'Malay-Indonesian' or 'Malay', as mutual communication is possible between these two languages, linguistic differences are not large, and Malaysia and Indonesia compile the official dictionary together.
The Malay Media Scene
In Malaysia, 99% of households, including remote and rural areas, watch TV, as Malaysia has excellent infrastructure for receiving TV broadcasts. In addition, 95.5% of the population in Malaysia has access to the internet and their average income level is high. These conditions made Malaysia one of the largest OTT markets in Southeast Asia. By the virtue of such infrastructures and low government regulations, Malaysia is playing the role of a Southeast Asian hub for OTT companies along with Singapore.

In Malaysia, there has been a movement of cord-cutting (a phenomenon in which pay TV viewers cancel cable TV subscriptions and move to new Internet-based platforms such as IPTV and OTT) since 2018. This movement has grown exponentially with the recent COVID-19 pandemic. In Malaysia's OTT market, Netflix has the largest market share, followed by Hong Kong's Viu. Recently, Chinese OTT platforms are actively expanding their operation in the Malay market.

China's OTT (iQiyi, Wei TV) is increasing its market share significantly in a short period of time by actively utilizing an ad-type free platform (Freemiun) that allows users to view contents for free when watching an ad. The number of monthly active user has reached 10 million in 2021. As such, ad-free platforms that allow users to watch content without paying a monthly subscription fee are now gaining popularity in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

As a multi-ethnic country, Malaysia broadcasts in several languages. In addition, the main broadcasting language for each terrestrial channel is fixed, and contents tailored to the culture of the language user are intensively broadcasted. When contents are in Chinese, Hindi, Tamil, and Cantonese, not Malay, the most commonly used language, it is difficult to secure profitability through self-production and broadcasting in Malaysia. Accordingly, for those languages, contents are imported from the countries using such languages to be broadcasted.

Malaysia is rated as having relatively superior capability to produce video contents, including animation, in Southeast Asia. In addition to Western OTT operators, OTT operators specialized in Asian regions, such as Viu and iflix in Hong Kong, are placing production orders, recognizing the competitiveness of Malaysian studios. Malaysia's Double Vision studio produced seasons 1 and 2 of the popular action drama “The Bridge” for Viu and HBO Go. The <The Bridge> series has established itself as the most popular program on the Viu platform (when excluding Korean contents), and is also gaining popularity in Singapore and Indonesia through Viu and HBO. Netflix is also producing the original series through Malaysian Productions. Starting with the stand-up comedy series of <Dr. Jason Leong> and <Harith Iskander> in 2018, Netflix produced the drama <The Ghost Bride> in 2020. Netflix is also seeking to strengthen its competitiveness by acquiring original contents in Malaysia. For example, the movie <Paskal: The Movie> and the movie <Pasal Kau!> were screened exclusively on Netflix.
The complexity of Vietnamese translation
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To non-native speakers, the two languages may seem the same, but native speakers notice the difference in both pronunciation, intonation, and words. This phenomenon is affecting the broadcasting industry with respect to foreign language subtitles for DVD movies and cable TV. Media content providers provide both Indonesian and Malay subtitles to enable more viewers to enjoy their content. In addition, oftentimes, for Indonesian sinetrons (TV dramas) broadcast in Malaysia, Malay subtitles are provided, and, for Malay dramas aired on Indonesian TV, Indonesian subtitles are provided.
Facts that affect Vietnamese to English and other languages translation:
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As Bahasa Malaysia is similar to Bahasa Indonesian, there are occasionally cases where local Indonesian translators translate Bahasa Malaysia as well. Of course, their translation is not completely wrong, but there is a clear difference between the two languages. Therefore, a local translator who speaks Bahasa Indonesian should translate Bahasa Indonesian, and a local translator who speaks Bahasa Malaysia should translate Bahasa Malaysia. 1-StopMedia has many years of Bahasa Malaysia translation experience and has a large pool of local Bahasa Malaysia translators with ample translation experience and excellent quality.

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