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In this fast-growing world, the number of movies coming out is overgrowing. All over the world, there are thousands of movies being produced to make money. In the past, movies were only shown in the area’s language where they were made. However, movies are being put out worldwide to make more money. People must be able to understand movies from all over the world to do this and those who make movies need subtitle translation solutions to create subtitles in the primary language to fulfill their goal. After that, any translation tool can translate the subtitle into any language. There’s a very long process from the time an English or other language film is created to its release to the public. This is especially the case when it comes to a public that is a foreign nation and where English is not a commonly spoken language. This can create significant difficulties when it comes to subtitle translations. While common to many countries around the world, Thai subtitling must be considerate of several factors in order to be effective. This involves not only accurately conveying the author’s words, tone, intended meaning, but also plays on words and jokes, which may be very hard to translate and to put into context. Another major issue relates to dubbing. Dubbing is the art of a professional voice-over actor looking at the movie script as well as the screen in front of them, in a second-by-second time frame, and then adjusting their voices, the speed of their speech, their tone, and making other necessary adjustments to ensure that the scene is accurately recreated and portrayed to the viewers. For example, some professional voice-over artists and actors took on the task of dubbing the English movie by American director Martin Scorsese, The Irishman, took a lot of effort and professionalism to convey all the right nuances in the gangster film.

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