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Video game localization is an essential process that ensures gamers worldwide can play and enjoy games in their native language. While most video g
 1STOPMEDIA  April 25,2023  NEWSROOM
Some movie titles based on video games that you should not miss Movies based on video games are generally not as popular as other types of movies, an
 1STOPMEDIA  April 18,2023  NEWSROOM
Netflix massively invests in K-Drama & shapes the trend of watching Korean movies The global expansion of Korean movies Recently
 1STOPMEDIA  April 18,2023  NEWSROOM
Same sound, different characters in Thai alphabet Thai has a distinct writing system with letters that are not found in any other language. Thai lang
 1STOPMEDIA  April 18,2023  NEWSROOM
In the translation process, there are some words that simply don’t have an equivalent from the source language to the target language and this is
 1STOPMEDIA  April 18,2023  NEWSROOM
What is localization?  A lot of people nowadays can’t tell the difference between translation and localization. It’s an understateme
Video Game Localization: The Challenges and Strategies for Rare Language Pairs Video game localization is an essential process that ensures gamers wo
In today's globalized world, media plays a vital role in shaping our perceptions and understanding of various cultures, ideas, and concepts. With
It’s undeniable that the Korean wave or “Hallyu” has taken the world by storm, resulting in the need for Korean media translation. But not just
 1STOPMEDIA  April 18,2023  NEWSROOM
The interactive entertainment software industry, popularly known as the video game industry is reaching overwhelming numbers in net worth an
 1STOPMEDIA  March 03,2023  NEWSROOM
A subset of machine learning languages is Machine Translation. Studies the use of software to translate text or speech from one langua
 1STOPMEDIA  March 03,2023  NEWSROOM
Subtitling or closed captioning – most video content nowadays has either one of these, but what is the difference and which one is better
 1STOPMEDIA  February 13,2023  NEWSROOM
In this fast-growing world, the number of movies coming out is overgrowing. All over the world, there are thousands of movies being
 1STOPMEDIA  February 08,2023  NEWSROOM
This might come across as a topic that people rarely think about, but if you happen to be a fan of books and novels and have a background that in
 1STOPMEDIA  January 17,2022  NEWSROOM
The importance of video cannot be underestimated in our current times. Following that trend video localization becomes an irreplaceable service a

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