Netflix massively invests in K-Drama & shapes the trend of watching Korean movies
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Netflix massively invests in K-Drama & shapes the trend of watching Korean movies

The global expansion of Korean movies

Recently, Netflix witnessed a global fever boom of many Korean productions such as Squid Game, My Name, The Glory, Kingdom...Explaining the popularity of Korean films, many films have had a breakthrough in terms of both content and images, Korean films have gradually exploited many topics that are suitable for the tastes of the audience with different interests.
In addition, the hearing and the visual part is also a big plus. Many filmmakers have not hesitated to spend a lot of money to have beautiful movies with poetic and enchanting scenery. As a result, many of the filming locations for these hit movies have become popular tourist attractions in Korea, attracting tourists visiting the country to check in and experience the culture.

Starting with a TV series called Glitch, which is released on October 7, to 20th Century Girl, then Somebody, The Fabulous and The Glory are all slated to air this year. The remaining entertainment programs are Take One, Physical 100, Korea Number one, and Single's Inferno 2.

Netflix's Strategy

Between 2015 and 2020, Netflix invested $700 billion in the Korean film market. The company's investment in Korean content has resulted in a larger drama production budget that gradually changed the way dramas are made in Korea. In January 2021, Netflix signed a contract to lease two film production studios outside of Seoul to be able to meet viewer demand.
Taking advantage of the fact that broadcasters have to reject many unique script ideas due to many prejudices, Netflix has produced many new and interesting projects and realized the fascinating and thrilling scenarios that the filmmakers have come to expect. radio is not able to do. The first Korean drama with an original script made by Netflix was Kingdom, which premiered in January 2019. This historical drama with a fantasy zombie element was rejected by broadcasters despite the scriptwriter. movies have been selling ideas for a long time.
As a major entertainment platform with 208 million users in 190 countries, Netflix is the bridge connecting international audiences to Korean movies and entertainment shows. As proof of this, Squid Game, the movie with 95% of viewers being foreign audiences, has been translated into 31 languages in 94 countries.

Netflix has been investing in Korean dramas for several reasons, including the following:

- Popularity and global appeal: Korean dramas have gained a lot of popularity worldwide in recent years, especially in Asian and Western countries. By investing in Korean dramas, Netflix is able to tap into the growing fanbase and attract more audiences.
- High-quality content: Korean dramas are known for their high production value, engaging storylines, and talented actors. By investing in Korean dramas, Netflix is able to acquire quality content that can attract and retain viewers.
- Diverse storytelling: Korean dramas offer diverse storytelling that can appeal to different audiences. They often explore themes such as romance, drama, action, and fantasy, and incorporate elements of Korean culture. This diversity makes Korean dramas attractive to viewers who are looking for something different.
- Collaborations: Netflix has been collaborating with Korean production companies to create original content. These collaborations allow Netflix to have more creative control over the content and ensure that it meets the standards of its global audience.

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